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Sharif, Lynch: As-Builts (S, L: A-B) is a service that uses state of the art software to create precisely measured digital drawings, 3-Dimensional Building Information Modeling (BIM) schedules, and photographic documentation of existing buildings, facilities, and contexts.


As a licensed architectural practice, what distinguishes our services from those of draftspersons is the professional expertise and excellent quality control brought to bear on the production of essential records and documents. 


Our high standards of care, responsiveness and rigorous awareness of the many layers of materials and systems inherent in a constructed environment ensure that our documentation is not only accurate but also arranged in ways that are immediately intelligible and useful to the client.


*: Sharif, Lynch: As-Builts (S, L: A-B) is a subsidiary of Sharif, Lynch: Architecture  

Please contact us at

for as-builts requests.

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