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Sharif, Lynch: Architecture is an award-winning design practice focused on thoughtfully driven, empirically informed, and climatically resilient metropolitan buildings and spaces. Our expertise spans various typologies, including single and multi-family housing, commercial interiors and workplaces, and hotels. The practice also focuses on the research and development of smart, compact prototypes and sustainable construction systems for the emergent post-R-1/SB-9 Los Angeles cityscape, whose fabric demands innovative, enjoyable combinations of density and porosity.

Operating independently and in strategic partnerships, we lead projects in the spirit of collaborative applied research. We methodically synthesize formal desires with appropriate technologies and their logistics,  environmental parameters, and contextual cues to generate strangely familiar, empathic architectural characters and figures that rejuvenate environments, challenge conventions, and reshape perceptions.


Unifying our endeavors is a frank, elemental sensibility hinging on the sparing use of gestures and systems that optimistically expand the modern era's formal experiments and techniques while updating its progressive ideals for collective enjoyment and ecological stewardship today. Accordingly, we employ measured combinations of formal abstraction, spatial plasticity, scalar manipulation, typological transformation, and intelligent material assemblies to generate atmospheres and qualities that are simultaneously spartan and luxurious, laconic yet lively.


Our long-standing service as public research university faculty and our relationships with significant cultural institutions and councils create connections and relevances to broader public and professional realms. Through writing, lecturing, and appointments as critics, curators, moderators, planners, and peer reviewers, we underscore our practice's ethos that architects who aspire to inspire and lead by example must, first and foremost, be engaged citizens.

For more information regarding these areas, please see our NEWS section and visit our RESEARCH ARCHIVE...

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