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Sharif, Lynch: Architecture is an award-winning practice focused on thoughtfully conceived design for metropolitan buildings and developments ranging from single-family houses to commercial interiors to office buildings and campuses for work and play. Both as a singular office and as a partner in joint ventures, our team leads projects in a collaborative spirit that informs the poetic, logistical, and technological dimensions of building with ever-expanding understandings of the aesthetic and formal ideas and ideals of architecture from within its specific sphere of knowledge and expertise.


Our conviction is that publicly significant architecture materializes from informed syntheses of climate, composition, construction, and design criticism. For us, those syntheses produce strangely familiar architectural characters and forms that recharge contexts and conventions while reorienting perceptions.
Unifying the projects is a frank, elemental sensibility and economy of gestural and systemic means that extend and expand upon the optimism of experimental expressions of modern architecture. To this end, measured combinations of abstraction, spatial plasticity, scalar manipulation, typo-logical evolution, repetitive assembly, and material matter-of-factness result in atmospheric and aesthetic properties and theatrical qualities that are simultaneously both spartan and luxurious, laconic yet lively.


The team's career-long commitment to university teaching and productive relationships with significant cultural outlets makes these collective design efforts relevant to the public beyond the practice. Through editing, writing, lecturing, and engaging with the field as critics, creative directors, curators, instigators, moderators, organizers, planners, consultants, and peer-reviewers, we operate within a vital cultural network that nourishes both the practice and its culture. These endeavors underscore the practice ethos: to inspire and lead by example, architects must be, first and foremost, engaged public intellectuals.

For more information regarding these areas, please see our NEWS section; and visit our RESEARCH ARCHIVE...

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