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Desert Recharge


This project is an integrative ensemble of treatment buildings and a lively landscape sprinkled with episodic recreational elements rich with promenades and portals defining syncopated grains and cross grains. A near three-acre expansion of an iconic desert hotel's spa facilities, it is a combinatory playground of the constructed and natural worlds. 


La Ciudad de Fútbol

Retail and Housing 

La Ciudad de Fútbol is a social condenser: a machine for community building, commerce, living and playing; a precise, yet low-tech kit-of-parts assemblage, with layered and varied speeds of circulation and degrees of privacy in a constant flux of depth.

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Pool House


The Pool House is a reductive adaptation of an existing garage. It is a transitional space within a rejuvenated, terraced enfilade connecting the once dark, eastern-most interior of the house to the new brick-paved garden and pool at the western-most end of the lot. 


Cerulean Corridor


Amply daylit, spaces and their boundaries are take on an ethereal ambiance drawn from a flowing cerulean mural and rhyming finish palette. The ribboning blue graphics along the corridor are punctuated with translucent panels to create visual communication between zones, subtly establishing simple wayfinding for guests.

Lakeshore Monument

Urban Monument

Our winning entry to the Chicago Architectural Club's Burnham Prize Competition in 2011, which solicited ideas to reimagine and rejuvenate McCormick Place.

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