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Infill Dwelling Unit (IDU)


IDU is a narrow building that slides into a highly constrained space. In this case, it is also the last available one on a multi-building residential site, a mere inch away from the adjacent 1920s bungalow, just under five feet away from a 1990s duplex, and four feet away from the property line and apartment building to the south.


Double-Up House


A second story addition, choreographed around one hybrid architectural element comprising a floating asymmetrical gable roof and sky-lit wall, which anchors the addition to the first floor of the existing, historically sensitive bungalow.  


Microplex Prototype


A micro-scaled, single-lot/six-unit urban-dwelling prototype, the project comprises two offset, slender parallel bars on either side of a passage with forecourts at the road and alley ends. At ground level, at the heart of the typical 7,500 SF Los Angeles lot, each bar houses a partially covered court, trees, and lightwells. Here, all inhabitants interact daily near their front doors and at the landscape extensions of their living rooms for four of the six units.

opened dollhouse diagram.jpg

Duplex Redux


A stereotomic reconfiguration of a stacked section establishes new internal, threshold, and external relationships and itineraries. While experiential qualities are amplified, residential density is unchanged. 


Courtyard House

Residential and Landscape

Rather than overbuild and overwhelm the modest scale of the surrounding mid-century garden bungalows, this courtyard house and ADU instead maintains the single-story character of its neighborhood: street-facing facades are almost unchanged, and a new vaulted roof along the primary street unites courtyard, and master bedroom wing with open, living and dining areas.


Elevated House

Residential and Landscape

This slender second story addition to a remodeled bungalow is rotated 10 degrees away from the first level creating an elevated roof terrace and new underpass in the existing garden.


Desert Townhomes

Multi-Family Housing and Landscape
Encompassing two terraces, these six adjoining townhouses flank a narrow mews-like Paseo or walk-street, each having private patios along the edge of the public realm. The buildings' precise, straightforward, and prismatic physique and bounded spaces evoke Marfa's robust industrial vernaculars.

Silent House


The addition to and remodel of the remains of this house amounts to a laconic architecture of relative silence and deliberately frank appropriation of and juxtaposition with a vernacular without chatter, or superfluous  gesture.

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